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The ChezLeon passive massage garment is an Australian design for the prophylaxis or treatment of oedema and, particularly, lymphoedema. The ChezLeon massage garment is a breathable, thin, lightweight product that is worn discreetly under normal clothing, and is designed as an alternative to conventional compression bandaging.

ChezLeon's massage garment is not a conventional compression product but offers a conservative, non-pharmacological, and non-surgical treatment for secondary lymphedema.

The ChezLeon garment is made up of breathable fabric covering an array of soft protuberances, which is worn against the skin (see Figure 1). The spaces in between the bubbles are designed to encourage directional flow of lymph fluid in one direction through the lymph vessels around blockages which are the cause of the edema.  The movement of the wearer creates a passive massage effect, applying a gentle,

repetitive differential pressure to body tissues.

Breathable, passive

Figure 1.


Our Continual Passive Massage product is placed on the area around the blockage,  keeping the fluid moving, preventing it from building up. When placed on the body, through normal movement, differential pressure is applied by protuberances or bubbles to the lymph vessels producing the massage effect.


The passive massage effect of the ChezLeon garment falls between two recognized standards of care for the lymphedema and edema sufferer: compression garments and bandaging, and active therapeutic massage (Figure 2). In contrast to compression bandaging and active massage, the use of ChezLeon's passive massage garment requires no special training, is simple and easy for the user to put the garment on and take off.  Fitting within normal underwear gives the wearer freedom of movement by providing a discrete, unobtrusive & comfortable way to manage the symptoms of lymphedema.

In addition, ChezLeon's passive massage garment does not compress the delicate vessels of the lymph system, which makes a bad situation worse.

Figure 2:

The competitive advantage of ChezLeon's passive massage garments





a Garment Which Sits right in the middle 

The fabric used in the garment is breathable, allowing for airflow to reduce the risk of sweating or overheating of the skin occurring under the therapeutic garment. The resultant garment is very soft, lightweight and unobtrusive under clothing.  ChezLeon therapeutic garments will be available as a range of off-the-shelf and customised garments for both day and night use.

ChezLeon considers that early uptake of its therapeutic garment may minimise the additional economic burden of lymphedema by providing cost-effective and easy-to-use management of the condition, with a potentially better therapeutic outcome, as lymphedema is known to be reversible with minimal treatment if detected and treated in early stages.

ChezLeon has already gathered anecdotal feedback from users of the initial passive massage design. The users were those individuals with established lymphedema from cancer treatment (breast, gynaecological) or other surgery. Those end-users reported: improved joint movement in knee, ankle & foot; no pain or tightness in leg after 2 weeks; control of groin & abdominal swelling; reduced fluid build-up with in first few days of wearing the therapeutic garment; and fluid retention rapidly disappeared.  Notably, end-users commented on the impact of the Passive Massage garment in improving their quality of life considerably. Some wearers ceased wearing conventional compression bandaging altogether and returned to work after a prolonged absence due to lymphedema (see testimonials).

ChezLeon's therapeutic garment are a cost-effective and readily accessible way of treating forms of lymphedema and edema, particularly lymphedema. In addition, these garments can be used in conjunction with other therapeutic treatments, such as active massaging.

Light Weight and Thin
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