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Bra Insert for Breast Cancer Suffers

DP-Tx Massage Wear by Chezleon - for people suffering from lymphedema after cancer treatment

Our unique DP-Tx Massage Wear Bra Insert range for women suffering from lymphedema has been designed with style, comfort and dignity in mind. Allowing you to wear any type of clothing for any season as the insert is discretely hidden inside your bra.

Our patented technology gently massages the area around the blockage, keeping fluid moving and preventing it from building up. By treating the area around the blockage and getting the fluid moving through the lymphatic system, our product reduces the amount of excess fluid build-up in the limb.

Made from Bamboo/Cotton with air holes means that it doesn’t irritate the skin and it breathes making it cool & comfortable to wear. 

It also means it is machine washable, quick-drying & easy to care.

Sizing is dependent on your bra size so no specialist fitting is required, simply look up your sizing on the chart & choose the size that best suits your bra size. (Small, Medium, Large or XLarge).

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Benefits for suffers
  • Alternative to tight, unsightly compression garments; discreetly worn under normal clothing

  • Does not compress delicate lymph vessels

  • Relieves pain and swelling at the damaged site

  • Cool and comfortable to wear

  • Does not restrict movement

  • Regular use will see a reduction in the swollen limb

  • Along with regular exercise and skin care, helps to prevent the development of lymphoedema

  • Convenient and easy to use – insert and forget

  • No need for specialist fitting

  • Natural materials mean no adverse skin reactions

  • Machine washable/tumble/line dry

Bra Inserts are easy to use

The Bra Insert is placed on the area of the blockage, NOT the swelling. Its thin profile sits comfortably and discreetly under normal clothing, giving patients the opportunity to regain their freedom and quality of life. 

Through normal movement, a gentle massage is applied to the lymph vessels keeping the fluid moving preventing it from building up. 

The use of ChezLeon’s DP-Tx Massage garments along with regular exercise has seen patients reduce the swelling within their limbs, as well as removing the need for compression wear. This has enabled some patients to return to their chosen profession (e.g. nursing).

You can express your interest to be included in our ongoing trial and receive a free bra insert. Use the link below.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide garments that address the problems and give back a quality of life to those living with lymphoedema.

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