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DP-Tx Massage Wear

ChezLeon’s firsthand experience, combined with comprehensive knowledge of how the lymphatic system works and recognition of the early signs of lymphoedema, has enabled us to design garments that treat the source, not the symptoms. Our patented technology gently massages the area around the blockage, keeping fluid moving and preventing it from building up.

ChezLeon’s DP-Tx Massage wear has not only been used in early intervention for lymphoedema but also in existing lymphoedema patients. By treating the area around the blockage and getting the fluid moving through the lymphatic system, our product reduces the amount of excess fluid build-up in the limb.

DP-Tx Massage Wear In Action 

ChezLeon’s DP-Tx Massage wear is placed on the area of the blockage, NOT the swelling. Its thin profile sits comfortably and discreetly under normal clothing, giving patients the opportunity to regain their freedom and quality of life.

The use of ChezLeon’s DP-Tx Massage garments along with regular exercise has seen patients reduce the swelling within their limbs, as well as removing the need for compression wear. This has enabled some patients to return to their chosen profession (e.g. nursing).


  • Significant reduction of time and cost, as they do not require specialist fitting or monitoring.

  • Easy access through online sales and retail outlets.

  • Control of their own treatment, particularly in regional

    areas where there are no lymphoedema specialists.

  • An alternative, preventative, self-management approach.

  • A discreet, cool, comfortable, “insert-and-forget” garment provides continual manual fluid drainage while the patient goes about their daily lives.

  • Early intervention – helping break down scar tissue and getting fluid moving means a better management outcome.

DP-Tx Massage Wear V's Practitioners/Compression Garments

Does the use of DP-Tx massage wear eliminate the need for Practitioners & Compression Garments?

Management of Lymphoedema also incorporates physical exercise, deep breathing, skincare & manual lymphatic drainage.

Check out our BLOG pages for more helpful information.

Although ChezLeon's DP-Tx massage wear has been designed to help patients manage their condition it is dependant on the severity of their condition as to whether they require specialist intervention & the use of compression garments.

ChezLeon does not condone the use of compression wear but understands that long term use can have a detrimental effect on the lymphatic system as well as the patients wellbeing. ChezLeon's DP-Tx massage inserts can be worn in conjunction with compression wear.

Getting the patients lymphoedema to a manageable condition should be done with a qualified lymphoedema therapist. Patients should always consult their physician if any adverse conditions persist such as redness as this could be a sign of infection.


ChezLeon understands that lymphoedema is a progressive condition, therefore early invention, as soon as possible after surgery, is recommended to ensure a good management outcome.

ChezLeon's DP-Tx massage wear has also shown to be helpful in breaking down scar tissue.  The breaking down of scar tissue allows lymph vessels to reattach helping in the flow of lymph fluid.

Designs in the pipeline

ChezLeon already has designs in the pipeline ready for the manufacturing process.

To see some of these designs click the Future Products button.

Regulatory Approval

TGA regulatory approval has been granted for Class 1 Medical Device in Australia.

Prototypes were tested with 30 patients for various conditions including lymphoedema (upper and lower body), oedema, knee reconstruction, vascular conditions, mastitis, recovery and sporting injuries. Our initial product, a Bra Insert, was tested on an additional 20 patients in a pre-market product evaluation trial.

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