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Suffering from Lymphedema after Breast Cancer Treatment?

Pre-order Your Bra Insert!

Chezleon is excited to announce our first massage wear product is a bra insert, designed for women living with pain and swelling due to scarring or lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment.

Passive massage wear inserts are small and discreet, and fit comfortably in the cup & side of a bra, giving you the opportunity to regain your freedom and quality of life.

Use of our massage wear along with regular exercise has seen patients with lymphedema after breast cancer treatment reduce the swelling within their limbs, as well as removing the need for compression wear.


  • No requirement for specialist fitting or monitoring

  • Discreet, cool, comfortable, “insert-and-forget” garment

  • Continual massage, allowing fluid drainage while the patent goes about their daily life

  • Early intervention – helping break down scar tissue and getting fluid moving means a better management outcome

  • Easy to fit and machine washable


Our first bulk batch of bra inserts designed for patients with lymphedema after breast cancer treatment is close to selling out.


Customers who pre-order today will still be able to secure an estimated delivery date in September. Available in beige, they come in four sizes, from small to extra-large.


Simply fill out our pre-order form to take advantage of our limited-time launch offer.

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Pre-order Price
$245.00 incl GST

Excl. postage & handling

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