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  Expression of interest  

investors, Trial, Pre-Orders

Expression of interest –Investors

Up to this point I have been bootstrapping this project myself but in order to get this product to market

we are looking for Investors, Partners &/or Licensing Agreements.

If you are someone, know someone, a company or can open doors for me then please complete the

attached form to initiate a discussion with me. I will then forward the appropriate information to you as

to our business & marketing strategies with financial opportunity to you for your consideration


Trial – What we are looking for

Breast Cancer patients

A small trial is being conducted to verify and finalise the design of our bra inserts.

We are applying for TGA (Therapeutic Goods Authority) approval but as yet the product has not been

approved. We are not making any claims as to this product in any way being able to treat lymphoedema

or any other claim. It is the intention of the trial to gather data as to the effectiveness, comfort, safety

and reactions of participants. Participants will be required to complete a questionnaire

after a few weeks of receiving the product.

If you are a breast cancer patient and would like to be involved in the trial please Express your Interest.

We will contact you notifying you as to your eligibility and the commencement of the trials. Once we

have the trial participants we will then ask the manufacturer to supply the bra inserts for distribution. It

is anticipated that the whole process will take a couple of months.

Pre-Order Form Notes

We are accepting pre-orders in order to determine our first market product. If you are interested in

purchasing our passive massage product please Express Your Interest.

At the moment we have done all of our prototyping around the breast cancer market but we have

designs for upper & lower limbs, groin, ankles & throats. Please understand that the designs for other

areas will have to be tested prior to being made available. You may be asked to participate in a trial so

please let us know if you are interested in being a part of this new innovative product.

If you are a breast cancer patient and do now want to be a part of our trial

but still want to receive a product as part of our first production run then please Express Your Interest


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