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The Opportunity

The initial market opportunity for ChezLeon’s passive massage garment is in lymphedema, based on a number of critical features:


Gaps in the chronic care market: There are gaps in the chronic care lymphedema market. The clinical incidence of lymphedema following breast cancer in women is well-recognised, whereas the clinical incidence in patients following other cancers is not as well diagnosed, especially in men with prostate cancer and melanoma. Therefore, prostate cancer and lower extremity melanoma may be a future target market for ChezLeon which is currently poorly addressed.


The lymphedema prophylactic market may be differentiator for ChezLeon: A marketing approach to address prophylactic use of a therapeutic garment has not been actively leveraged by other passive massage garment companies, despite published literature reporting that narrows the most significant time during which lymphedema occurs for the best studied group (breast cancer) is in first 3-5 years post-surgery, in which the incidence is exponential. After the launch of the first product, ChezLeon plans a clinical study in post-operative patients to assess the efficacy of product design for this broad market.


The concept of “passive massage” has not been leveraged to date by ChezLeon’s competitors, whereas active massage is a mainstay of lymphedema management.


Acute care: The technology underpinning ChezLeon’s passive massage garment supports its use in other opportunities in acute care, although these will need additional review and clinical evidence. Those opportunities include in sports market, and in post-operative scarring.


Extensive future product pipeline: While the development of ChezLeon’s therapeutic platform product design initially targets applications within the lymphedema sector, the opportunities to extend the product pipeline are substantial. Prophylaxis of post-operative lymphoedema and reduction of post-surgical swelling and scaring are clear and obvious targets for subsequent product roll-out both nationally and internationally. As a therapeutic therapeutic garment, ChezLeon’s passive massage technology has further potential application to a number of conditions, including:  

  • Reduction of other forms of oedema or accumulated tissue fluid due to swelling from sprains and other tissue injuries;   

  • Management and treatment of varicose veins or other vascular conditions to assist the movement of blood through the veins; and

  • Alleviation of the build-up of lactic acid that results from racing, sport, or exercise in both human and animal health sector.




ChezLeon products may find take up within such niche markets as military and aerospace industry.

ChezLeon’s therapeutic product design platform has substantial opportunities to extend the product pipeline to

  • Prophylaxis of post-operative lymphoedema;

  • Reduction of post-surgical swelling;

  • Reduction of other forms of swelling from sprains and other tissue      injuries;  

  • Management and treatment of varicose veins or other vascular conditions; and

  • Reduction of lactic acid build-up from racing, sport, or exercise in both man and animals.










Our first product is for Breast Cancer with other affected markets to follow.

All these figures are Per Annum

  • 17,000 people will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Australia,               

  • 250K in the USA 

Globally –

  • 2m with Breast Cancer

  • 14m with Cancer

  • 45m with Edema  


Reportable 20% of cancer cases will develop lymphoedema.

However, Lymphoedema is under diagnosed & the prevalence is under estimated.


In 2013 I received a Commonwealth Skills & knowledge Grant that introduced to Ide - Design Engineers who worked closely with me to design a scalable product by March 2014.

An Australian manufacturer was sourced, so by June of 2016 we had a scalable prototype which was then tested by a group of patients.

By April 2017 an overseas manufacturer was identified, manufacturing tools were commissioned and samples for manufacture have now been approved.

July 2017 Design registrations were submitted in Australia, China & Taiwan and we now have Patents in Europe, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.

We will be launching our first product this year.

Everyday people are putting up with pain because the solutions in the market do not alleviate the problem, they are only band-aid treatments that are unsatisfactory & can potentially cause more damage. 


The ChezLeon Passive Massage system is the solution and will be the standard in the market.


If you are someone who would like to be involved in a challenging new venture then please contact me as I need seed funding, investment & contacts to ensure a successful outcome.


Come & join me to help change the quality of people’s lives.

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