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Get comfort and relief from the symptoms of lymphoedema

Passive massage wear are discreet wearable inserts that provides relief from the pain and swelling of lymphoedema.

Our initial product is a Bra Insert for early intervention & treatment of lymphoedema following Breast Cancer.


Massage bra insert for after cancer treatment

Our first passive massage wear product is a bra insert, designed for women living with pain and swelling due to scarring or lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment. 


Passive massage wear inserts are small and discreet, and fit comfortably in the cup & side of a bra. Available in nude-beige, they come in four sizes, from medium to extra-large.


This product is coming soon and is available for pre-order now.

Find Relief

Cheryl’s journey to find a better solution

Newcastle engineer Cheryl Pollock struggled to find relief from the pain and swelling of lymphoedema while undergoing cancer treatment. 


Unable to find a solution, she took to her trusty old sewing machine and developed a home-made passive massage insert that provided much needed relief. 


Word quickly spread and - from her kitchen table - she made passive massage inserts for others she met on her cancer journey. Interest and demand for the product grew. 


Cheryl has now completed product testing trials with more than 30 people. She’s preparing to launch her first production run of commercially available passive massage wear inserts in Australia.

Pre-order below or download Cheryl's ebook on living well with lymphoedema.

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People with lymphoedema love passive massage wear

Listen to their stories and find out how you can live better with lymphoedema too.

Pre-order your passive massage wear insert from the first production run. 

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